OASEAS is a company owned by two seaborn brothers, offering boats for charter. Nikolaos Sdougkos and Manolis Sdougkos, 6th generation of seamen in their family. Both brothers are highly ranked at maritime business as Captain and Chief Engineer accordingly.

After many years at sea and in shipping industry they decided to make a dream come true and created OASEAS.

Their main target is to offer boats for charter as if their family is going to stay in. High standards in maintenance and equipment with experienced close supervision are only acceptable in order to achieve above target.

Their long experience at sea and in various countries with different cultures, provided them with the knowledge to create a sailing company with unique profile.

Capt.Nikolaos Sdougkos boats for charter

Capt.Nikolaos Sdougkos

Mr.Manolis Sdougkos

Mr.Manolis Sdougkos

Some of the things that makes OASEAS to outstand from the crowd are following:

  • Customer point of view approach
  • Safety first moto and experience from cargo vessels applied to sailing yacths for the first time
  • Services of highest quality only, similar to 5 star hotels
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Partnerships only with highly reputable companies, well known and accepted from sailing industry worldwide
  • Top quality and only approved equipment used and supplied onboard

OASEAS goal is to have happy customers that will sail with safety and enjoy their dreamy vacations onboard their yachts thus creating unforgettable lifetime moments.

Above approach itself, is a totally new cruising experience through high standards that have never been applied before. OASEAS has the know-how and the expertise to become a real oasis in the vast sailing world industry.

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