SailRight is a project which its main purpose is to bring out boats that their owners and/or managers have struggled and exceeded industry standards. In order for a boat to be included in Sailright, an inspection will be carried out by authorised OASEAS inspectors.

The fields that will be inspected are following:

  • General condition of the sailboat
  • Engine and equipment maintenance
  • ECO products application
  • Sailboat equipment
  • Customers welcome pack

Subject inspection is valid for 12 months and can be conducted only before season-two months before the first charter the earliest. Inspection duration is 1-2 days and official report will be presented to owners and/or managers within one week after completion of inspection.

SailRight benefits:

  • Tourist agents and customers recognition of great professionalism
  • Higher probability to get more charters
  • Build strong business relationships
  • Increased percentage of returning customers
  • Logo sticker at your webpage
  • Logo sticker at the boats inspected
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